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Stretch into front & side splits, fast!

After many years of trying & failing with other leg stretcher machines & different methods, I designed the SPLITS EASY leg stretcher machine & stretching method to help anyone achieve full splits, regardless of age or flexibility. I finally achieved front & side splits at age 52. If I can, so can you!


Reviews from you

Good product and seeing results quickly.

Michael F.

I was lucky enough to get bought this as Birthday gift and I have to say it's a game changer. I have started to really focus on my flexibility and as part of that have started doing yoga. It was great to see that it was suitable for any age and came with comprehensive instructions to put together, which meant it was so easy I could do it myself in about 20 minutes flat. The practise instructions were great and so easy to use that I am now happy to report I'm about 3 inches off being able to do front splits which isn't bad for a 47 year old. I love the motivational messages on the machine can really be visually see and measure and your progress and it keeps you going. You always feel 100% supported and safe because your not bouncing around trying to get your backside to the floor. I love it! Next stop box splits (wish me luck, I couldn't do those when I was 10!). Great value for money, I would thoroughly recommend!

Byron Dog

The product is perfect and I highly recommend it to anyone at any age. It is very easy to set up, I have nearly reached level 0 thanks to splits easy. I have never been able to do the splits before and this has made it so much easier. It helps you sit up straight which helps with getting lower quicker. Honestly you won’t regret buying it. Great communication with the seller too. He is very helpful and I wish him all success

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